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With over 15 years of experience in retouching, Studio Metrodesk is one of the most successful post-processing set-ups in the world. Beyond every spectacular professional food photo campaign, there’s always a brilliant team that makes it happen.


Whether you are a photographer, catalog magazine or a restaurant business, we have services that will take your food photography to the next level…

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Our expert retouchers delicately smooth out imperfections on food, set a stunning scene, add & remove elements from a photo, color correct, and so much more. A true master retoucher can achieve practically anything when it comes to food photography!

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Food Photography Retouching

We imply full-fledged editing treatment when it comes to food photography. We remove, replace, add background, clean dust, scratches, apply color correction, reposition, resize and so much more to make your food photographs unique and attention grabbing.

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Objects Removal

Often your images can look cluttered with so many objects and dissipate audiences’ attention. Leave it to our expert retouchers to rightfully place and remove necessary objects on your photograph.

Just send us your requirements and preferences, and our product specialists will soon contact you to know your requirements and appoint skilled editors just to do your work!


Contrast, Hue and Color Adjustments

All the elements of your food photography needs to pop-out and scale maintaining their originality and color tone. Our expert retouchers will fix the contrast, hue and make color adjustments so that your images remain eye-catching and delicious.


Background Replacement

We do not only remove backgrounds as per your wish we also replace your subject’s original background with anything you want. We can also make the background blurred to highlight the dish.


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I have been working with them for so long, and they have an experienced team for food retouching. As I work with the same team for all my projects, they know my preferences, and I don’t have to repeat instructions.

Charles Spearman

Digital Imaging Manager, Netherlands.

Their experience in food photo editing is a plus as they blend it with the industry’s best practices to bring about magazine and sale-worthy photographs.

Peter Hudgens

Production Manager, US

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

It's super easy and takes less than a minute! Just create an account on our website. Then log in to your account After login, upload your files inside your Studio Metrodesk account and submit your order.

Or you can use alternative file-sharing methods such as Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer, FTP, etc and send the link to us.

You can submit a quotation request here Then we will review your inquiry and send you an estimate in less than 30 minutes.

You can apply for a free trial here.

It is hard to say because our turnaround time depends on the quantity and complexity of your images. However, our usual turnaround time is within 12-24 hours.

We always send your free edits within an hour. But if you send more than 3000 photos in one order, the time frame will increase upon discussion.

It is always wise to measure the quality of the edits before placing an order. Click Try Us for Free here. We offer free edits of up to 3 images for retouching, clipping path, or any other type of image editing in less than an hour.

However, A free trial is only possible if you have more than 50 images for a project. Let us know how many photos you have while submitting for the free trial.

Yes. It is always smart to get a custom quote before you start working on your project. Click Here to get a custom quote.

We are open to working with every image file format. While JPG (.jpeg or .jpg) is the preferred file format because it allows for faster uploads and downloads, you can also send image files in the following formats:

JPG (preferred), PNG, PSD, TIFF, RAW, NEF, CR2, DNG, PDF, etc.

You can choose which file format you want while submitting the work order. We can return your edited image files in the following formats: JPG, PNG, PSD and TIFF.

For vector conversion services, we can send your edited files in the following formats: AI, EPS, SVG, and PDF.

We offer 24/7/365 instant customer support (zero waiting time). Schedule a call at +1 (973) 262-9181 or email us at Also, you can chat with us inside your customer account for specific work orders and collaborate with your editing team in real time. Login to your account here.

We take our customers' privacy seriously and have security measures in place to ensure the personal and business data you share with us are 100% secure and safe.

We never share or use your photos and information for commercial purposes or share your information with third parties without your consent.

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