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 Top-Rated Offshore Post Production Clipping Path Service Company in NYC, USA

Top-rated post-production company for offshore clipping path. Studio Metrodesk, Inc. is Trusted by 4000+ Companies. The best photo editing service providing company for offshore post-production services in town for professional results in image editing. You can avail of free retouch and color correction by utilizing a photo editing company like Studio Metrodesk.

Abdul Hashib Bipu

Abdul Hashib Bipu

27 Nov 2023

How you can increase your workflow by 80% and 70% less cost? Try Offshore Clipping Path Post Production Companies 12001800

Whether you are a product or fashion photographer, photo retoucher, or eCommerce business, you must achieve pixel-perfect, 100% precise clipping paths to make your products stand out from competitors. With perfect paths, it becomes easy to remove the background to eliminate distractions and make products more focused and visibly attractive, and, as a result, more sales. But is it enough?

Well, if you are a big e-commerce or photo studio or a retouching company, hands-on training or manual clipping paths would not help your business. That's where an offshore post-production company comes into the picture. It doesn't only do high-quality bulk paths for you precisely, but it also can streamline your workflow and help you achieve the maximum output you envision to achieve, whether you are e-commerce business or an experienced photo editor.

Increase your workflow by 80% and get the clipping path done with 70% less cost! 12001800

The comfort and convenience of an in-house team is unquestionable, but is it practical or profitable when it comes to post-processing? As a big company or a sole enterprise, you can hire and manage a large team of 20 to 100 photo editors on-site, based on the manner of your work, but still, they wouldn't be as efficient and timely as a company that provides offshore post-production image editing service. Do you know why?

For a company like Studio Metrodesk, our sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs, professional photographers, and firms like you who need thousands of clipping paths done in a matter of hours. We are doing it for years and our customers' says we make their workflow efficient by 80%. We offer a wide range of photo editing solutions and provide custom retouching image clipping paths so that you get an advantage of our expertise in high-end photography post-production solutions! We just have the right tools, resources, infrastructure, management, pricing structure, and expertise suited to your preference. Therefore, it is best that you hire an offshore image editing company like ours to help the business achieve the expected KPI. Don't trust us? Hear it out from our customers! Take one of our clients', Michael Albrecht, as an example. Michael is a photographer who has a retouching company in the US. As a retoucher himself, he had an in-house team, but they could not achieve the scale they required, so he has been outsourcing his clipping path and photo editing tasks to an offshore outsourcing company like us.


As a retoucher, I usually do clipping paths on my own with my photo editing team. Once my workload got so heavy, I had to outsource some of our post-production work. I found Studio Metrodesk- an offshore company, and have been a regular client since then for all my product photography retouching tasks.

-Michael Albrecht, Photographer

Michael also said that our customer support, fast turnaround, and free trial options made us his sole outsourcing partner. He stated while contacting us about his professional photo editing work. And we have hundreds of clients like Michael worldwide who consider us as their own offshore team.

When you have a photograph that needs tweaks to different areas and subjects, you need to isolate each element of the image with its own path, image masking, sometimes photo manipulation before you get to work on the fun, creative edits. With our final multi-clipping output, our expert photo editors mark-ups and separate and merged layers to provide the best service so you can effortlessly work through your final edit!

You get not only pixel-perfect multi-clipping but a whole lot more! 12001800

Every professional clipping path service provider offers image editing, high end retouching, Multi Clipping Path and clipping path services so that you the same pixel-perfect and 100% precise clipping path. But what if you get a whole lot more with a 360-degree comprehensive solution as a service? Studio Metrodesk does exactly that!

We not only help them achieve that scale, but we also provide additional services such as reducing file size, adding drop shadows, background removal, color or image, and other photoshop services, complying with the most recent industry standards and guidelines, and ensuring that your project is always up to par. Let us help take your work to the next level!  Our team at Studio Metrodesk is dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for all your clipping path needs. We understand that it's not just about creating a perfect cutout but also about enhancing the overall visual appeal of your images.

Optimization for free!


In addition to our clipping path services, we also offer file optimization services to ensure that your images are web-ready and optimized for online use. We can add shadows and highlights to give your images depth and dimension. And if you need a new background, we can replace it with a color or image of your choice.

360-degree comprehensive solutions


At Studio Metrodesk, as a 360-degree comprehensive photo editing service provider company, we are committed to meeting industry standards and guidelines to deliver top-notch results. We are always up to date with the latest trends and techniques in offshore clipping to ensure your project is at the cutting edge of design.

Let's hear it from one of our clients. Michele Graham, a studio manager in the USA, says, "I usually depend on Studio Metrodesk for any types of photo editing we require, but especially for high volume ghost mannequin, model retouching, and apparel retouching. If I need images edited after a photoshoot, I use their built-in file-sharing options, and no matter how large the file size is, I can transfer them quickly without any hassle. I feel their offshore clipping path services are the best in the market, and my art directors also like how they help us with our graphic design needs for rebranding products. As a product photographer, what else do you need?" it's essential to know what you are doing in the product clipping path. I don't know how they do it, but it comes out brilliantly every time."

So why settle for just a clipping path when you can get a whole lot more with Studio Metrodesk? Let us help elevate your work to the next level and make your images stand out from the rest.

Cut your costs up to 70% with offshore high-end clipping path services!


When it comes to cost variability between offshore and local photo retouching services, several key factors must be taken into consideration. Offshore photo retouching services often offer salary reductions, as the labor costs in many offshore locations are lower than local services. Additionally, there is also the potential for cost reduction in infrastructure, as offshore companies may have lower operational costs and rental expenses. Furthermore, offshore services often provide hassle-free management, as clients don't need to oversee the day-to-day operations of the team directly. This can result in significant savings in terms of time and resources. Lastly, clients utilizing offshore services often don't need to manage manpower.

Also, an offshore company like Studio Metrodesk offers additional benefits and advantages that could make them more cost-effective in some cases. For instance, they can provide better communication and easier collaboration, as we have designated communication and R&D teams to handle image editing projects better. This can result in more efficient and effective work processes, potentially saving time and reducing costs in the long run.

Hear it out from one of our customers, Chris Williams, who is a product photographer in Melbourne, Australia. He said:

I usually do multi-clipping paths of my product photographs, but it gets overwhelming when I have a large batch of images to go through. I have come across several offshore clipping paths and photo restoration service providers, but Studio Metrodesk is the one I trust the most for offshore clipping paths. Now, I outsource my images to Studio Metrodesk, and it turns out they do it better than I do. I consider them as my offshore clipping team because they work like that. As an apparel photographer, the flat lay technique is by far the top sought-after service of 2023, and they do it best, and its also very cost-effective and affordable.

— Chris Williams, Product Photographer

The advantage of expertise and experience


Offshore companies offer several advantages over in-house teams. Firstly, offshore companies often have access to a larger talent pool, as they can recruit from a global market. This means they are more likely to have specialists in various aspects of post-production, such as retouching, color correction, and compositing. Additionally, offshore companies can often offer faster turnaround times, as they can take advantage of time zone differences to work on projects around the clock.

Emily Williams, a Media Company Owner in the US, who is also one of our customers, says,

This is my go-to offshore clipping path company when I need product image quickly and perfectly. I have never been disappointed in their work; they are Photoshop experts and experts on different editing software. They offer affordable Photoshop services (If you get a discount, it's only $ 0.29 per image for clipping path) with a creative, expert human touch, a short turnaround time, and easy communication. You can also update your choices anytime on their website and diversify your product range. To me, they are the best photo editing company I have come by so far.

— Emily Williams, Media Company Owner

Moreover, by utilizing an offshore company, businesses can free up their internal teams to focus on other aspects of the creative process, improving productivity and efficiency. Therefore, utilizing an offshore team is always better if you want to achieve scale, precision, and quality output for your products. So why don't you try Studio Metrodesk for your next project and see how we streamline our workflow to the maximum level?

We have many more photo editing and retouching services for you. You can any time get a free trial, get a quote, or contact us to get a discount! Since you thoroughly read this article use this code 1111 to get a wholesome discount until December 2023!

Abdul Hashib Bipu

Abdul Hashib Bipu

27 Nov 2023

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